A Trip To The Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland Botanic GardensMany people consider Auckland Botanic Gardens as a paradise for nature lover, as it houses around ten thousand different types of fascinating and exquisite plants. The place covers around sixty four hectares and is a commonly preferred venue for outdoor weddings in Auckland. You will love the place if you visit once.

With a cup of coffee in your hand, you can begin your journey through the extensive vegetations of this award-winning place in New Zealand and feast your eyes on the different refreshingly edible gardens. The fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and nuts here are specially featured for encouraging those people who are interested in the art of horticulture. You can also know about the various composting methods from an educational display placed in the garden.

Next attraction is the elaborate collection of the local plants, that offer a golden opportunity of knowing about the different rare and unique features of the natural vegetation in New Zealand. A special element of this native garden is the agglomeration of endangered species, the Threatened Native Plant Garden.

As your tour takes you deeper inside the park, an exotic feel would be added to your journey by the time you have moved past the lower lake. Different species of palms from all over the world thrive alongside the mature native plantations in a mesmerising setting, the beauty of which is enhanced further by a couple of wandering streams.

Wandering through the palms, you will be eventually led into the Rose Garden and the Spring Blossom Valley. Colours play a vital role in adding to the grandeur of the garden with intricate collections of ornamental flowers including rose, magnolia and camellia. At the end of the Spring Blossom Valley will begin the African Garden, a site with many different species of plants right from one of the richest floral domains in the whole world – the southern region of Africa.

Past the upper lake, there is an interesting rock garden where you can sit and relax in the arms of nature. You will also find an aromatic herb garden with a signage depicting the usefulness of herbs in making medicines, dyes, perfumes, cosmetics and insect repellents. Nearby is the Horticultural Reference Library, which contains around two thousand and five hundred books and many horticultural magazines and journals.

The Auckland Botanic Gardens remains open for all 365 days. If you are a traveller, you can either rent a vehicle from New Zealand car hire and drive along the Southern Motorway following signs, or catch the train to Manurewa and walk for one and a half kilometres along the Hill Road.

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