Farm Stays – The Most Popular Facade of Modern Agritourism


A farmstay can be defined as any form of accommodation that exists on an active farm. Sometimes they can be interactive, while others are usually family-focussed and aim at offering kids the opportunity of witnessing the life of farm animals from close quarters. There are yet others which offer a peaceful place to adults for evading the hustle and bustle of city life. Most farmstays are generally cost-effective and tend to deliver modern age metropolitan Australians a taste of outdoor lifestyle. Some of them may even offer an agreement to guests, according to which travellers will have to work for a fixed number of hours per week and get cheap or free accommodation in return.cottage

A typical farm stay accommodation can be of many different types. These types generally include cottages, cabins, outbuildings, converted barns, yurts or even platform tents. There are a large number of farm stays all over Australia, a great many of them being here in Victoria itself. A majority of them aim at providing children an experience rich with the freedom of roaming around in wide and open spaces, without having to worry about any traffic, which is quite rare in the life of city-dwelling Australians.bed

Despite being on an agricultural land, many farm stay accommodation facilities offer such facilities as gourmet kitchens, well-furnished dining rooms, and bedrooms of different types. Some even offer queen size bedroom accommodation in Victoria, equipped with all types of modern civic amenities including flat screen TV, refrigerator, DVD player, and hydronic heating system in winter. Guests can come and leave as they wish for exploring the surroundings. There might even be interesting activities for children to participate in, like early morning animal feeding or egg collecting, grooming the animals, strolling around the property freely, taking picnics in paddocks, and riding in a trailer and travelling around different parts of the farm. Thus, kids interactively get to know how it is like to work and survive on an agricultural land.


When juxtaposed with other forms of agritourism, farm stay accommodations are more personal and can garner a profound connection between city-dwellers and peasants. It can satisfy the yearning of those people who long for air that is free from pollution, fresh produce, and authentic and cost-effective vacations. Not only does it present a wonderful chance for getting accustomed to ‘real’ livestock, but also allows to have fun in the arms of nature.

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