New Zealand Tourism – Things You Should Know

New Zealand Tourism – Things You Should Know
New Zealand is a wonderful island country in southwestern Pacific Ocean. There is a lot of things to see and do in this country. So, if you are planning to visit the nation, it is a great idea. But before you visit there are some important things that you should know.

Season & weather

If you want to visit New Zealand but are not aware of which season would be best for you, then remember one thing – the seasons in New Zealand are the opposites of seasons on Northern hemisphere. For instance, if you are living in UK, USA or Canada, when i’s spring in your country, it’s autumn in NZ; when it’s summer there, i’s winter here. In terms of months as well, it is just the opposite. For example, December – February are the summer months whereas June-August are the winter months.

Temperatures are also the opposite to those on Northern hemisphere. For instance, on Northern hemisphere the more north you go, the cooler it becomes but in NZ it is the opposite. And that’s the reason Queensland is cooler than Auckland. Temperatures are affected by lay of the land as well and so Central Otago is basically warmer than Northland or Auckland during the summers. Don’t even be surprised if you experience rains day after day in New Zealand.

To know which time of the year is best to visit the country, consider the purpose of your tour. Why you want to visit this country for – you want to go to the wineries, sightsee while self driving by opting for a New Zealand car hire, snowboard, ski, hike or do anything else? Keep the purpose in mind when considering the season you want to travel.

When does New Zealand remain mostly crowded?

Summer is seen as the peak tourist season. So, the months of December, January and February are very much crowded. All those who want to avoid crowds shouldn’t visit during this time of the year. You should also keep one more thing in mind – not to visit during the time when New Zealanders go on a holiday. Parents usually take time off from their work when their children do. And so it would always be advisable to avoid your tours during school holidays in NZ. Also don’t plan your visit during New Zealand Public Holidays if you want to avoid the crowd.

Cheapest months for accommodation

May & early June are considered as low season in NZ. People usually do not travel that much during this time of the year. The hotel and motel business is thus down. So, anyone wanting to find best rates at motels and hotels can plan to travel during May & early June. Accommodation happens to be costliest in summer. Advance booking is thus recommended. Some hotels and motels may even ask you to pay a part of your amount in advance – so don’t be surprised. One more thing you should keep in mind is that accommodation options are a bit costly on Public Holidays like New year’s Day, Good Friday etc.

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