Bed And Breakfast V/S Hotel Accommodation

BnB VS Hotel Accommodation

It can be easy to find a wide range of accommodation options for spending holidays if you look online. But before choosing any of them, you must have some detailed idea about the services they generally offer. This would not only let you to get a brief knowledge about the preferred accommodation, but also help you to manage your budget better.

When speaking about a bed and breakfast accommodation service, it can be said that this type of accommodation offers an individualized, distinctive and intimate lodging choice. It is generally owned by some private individual, but settings and services offered may vary slightly from place to place. For example, a typical farm house accommodation in Victoria offers people the opportunity to live on a working farm and escape from the hecticness of city life.

If compared to a hotel accommodation then it can be distinctly said that a bed and breakfast accommodation offers different types of unique and exclusive services which people love to enjoy. For example, a hotel accommodation provides an expensive luxurious stay whereas, bed and breakfast offers a comfortable stay. Many such comparisons are stated below. Have a look:



Usually people have to pay an extra cost of a few dollars for having their breakfast in a luxurious hotel. Bed and breakfast offers a free and full breakfast which generally includes fresh fruits, juice, tea/coffee, baked muffins, cereals and many more healthy food items.

Internet and WiFi Access:

internet accessMany luxurious hotels charge some amount daily for allowing access to internet, while most bed and breakfast lodging facilities offer free WiFi service to their guests so that they can enjoy unlimited access to internet without paying anything for it.

Modern Amenities:

bed-and-breakfastLuxurious hotel accommodations have modern facilities like and amenities like spas, swimming pools, BBQ etc. whereas bed and breakfast accommodations generally offer rooms equipped with amenities such as Television, DVDs, Music Systems, etc.

Room Service:

room-serviceIn case of a hotel accommodation room-service meals are very costly as their prices include extra delivery and service costs. On the other hand, bed and breakfast accommodation facilities serves breakfast and bed tea in your accommodated room for free or a meager extra charge. Some even offer special-occasion dinner within the suite. A few may also deliver meals in the room on request.

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