3 Things That You Can Still See And Do This Summer 2016 In Victoria


If you live in Victoria there are many things that you can still see and do this summer. To know what they, start reading this.

Anglesea Music Festival

angleYou are surely going to love this summer in Victoria if you are fond of music festivals. Anglesea Music Festival is going to be held on January 23, Saturday 2016. You’ll get to hear some of your favourites – Chris Wilson, 19 Twenty, folk and rock, Andrea Marr Band and dale Ryder with Jason Singh. Stay still if you are able to when Jimi Hocking, Wayne Jury, Geoff Acheson, Kelly Auty & Cleveland Blues comes in to make you alive.

Purse Project

purseThis is going to be a free financial project for all women who consider their purse to be hungry. So, if you want to take control of your finance, you should get involved in this project. After buying your kids and family Christmas presents and spending a whole lot of money in other stuff this New Year, you may not be in a position to buy yourself even a cup of coffee. School is even going to start in February and for that you may need some money for upfront expenses such as uniforms, fees, excursions, uniforms and haircuts. The (WIRE) Women’s Information and Referral Exchange is going to be of great help to you here. WIRE will be running this Purse Project all over Victoria from January 27 to February 18 2016. It is a 2 hour workshop for all women who want to be savvy with their money after going through a family crisis and the best thing is that the workshop is free. The workshop is going to be held in Ballarat, Geelong, Mildura, Pascoe Vale and Warrnambool.

Spend some time together with your spouse in a farmstay accommodation this Valentine’s Day

couple farmstaySpending some time together is something that all couples would love to do and especially if it’s Valentine’s Day, then there is no no dilemma. You can plan ahead and book a farm stay accommodation in Victoria if you want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can get the opportunity to stay in a working farm where you can meet & enjoy the company of a lot of native birds & animals. You’ll be surrounded by a beautiful garden with rolling lawns in a relaxing homestead for your Valentine’s Day. Coffee, tea, breakfast cereal, juice, milk, cooked breakfast, 2 course dinner – all will be available. And with a comfortable and cosy accommodation for two on hand, you can ensure that the romance continues after dinner. The rooms and ambience all around are going to give you the opportunity to be delighted & encourage you to snuggle up & get close.

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