Two Most Enjoyable Fun Road Trip Activities For Your Kids

Two Most Enjoyable Fun Road Trip Activities For Your Kid
Road trips are one of the most remarkable activities that a family can take part in as a whole. Booking a vehicle from a cheap car rental in Auckland, fastening the seat belts, having a chat while driving across miles, singing songs – there are a lot of things one can do as part of a road trip with his or her family. However, if you have kids and they are going to accompany you as well, you must make sure to take care of them properly. Kids have a natural tendency to get bored during long journeys. They need to be entertained too, and what can be a better way to do that other than planning some fun-filled activities for them.

There are many fun activities and games that could be included in your road trip in order to prevent boredom from hitting your kids. Even all the elders will equally love to participate in such kind of fun activities. Some exciting fun road trip activities have been stated below. Have a look:

I. Photograph Treasure Hunt:

It is true that a road trip is incomplete without some family pictures. But apart from this try something new. Capture each and every scenic beauty of the nature and ask your kids to collect all the pictures together and keep them in a precious album book. You can also go for a fun treasure hunt road trip. The hunt can be done with a single camera click pointed out from the car window. Some ideas for this game are stated below. All you need to do is ask your kids to get involved in such activities. Tell them to:

  1. Capture pictures of two road signs starting with the letter “H”. (2 points)
  2. Capture some pictures of birds (1 point for 1 bird)
  3. Take picture of each blue car that he or she sees (1 point per blue car)
  4. Take at least one photo of road sign that begins with the letter of their name.
  5. Tell them to click the road signs having a kangaroo picture on them. (1 point for every picture)

Obviously the person with the highest point will win the game.

II. Electronic Gadgets:

Electronic gadgets like audio books, smart phones are some of the things which will keep your kids engaged for a long period of time. Most of the kids can follow story lines from an audio book. On top of that, along with your kids you can also listen to the audio books. Stories like Harry Potter, My Father’s Dragon, Charlotte’s Web are some of the famous stories that each of the family members will love listening to. The kids can even enjoy their own favorite stories with head phones on.

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