Looking For a Farmstay Accomodation in Victoria?

Looking For a Farmstay Accomodation in Victoria.jpg

Botanica Bed and Breakfast is situated at 55 Gwenmarlin Road, Flinders on Morington Peninsula. This environment friendly farmstay accommodation in Victoria has many cheezeries and wineries in close proximity. High privacy and isolation for couples are ensured here. If you have planned to book Botanica for spending some quality time with your partner then have a look at the different types of rooms and attractions available at this place:



1. Entrance Hall: While entering the farm house, the first room you would come across is a large entrance hall. The room is well-equipped with modern amenities such as toaster, bar fridge, tea/coffee machine, microwave, electric frying pan and so on. You will find a pianola here too. There is also a separate bathroom and toilet for couples to use.

2. Living Room: Botanica consists of a single living room that incorporates a DVD player, large screen television and a diverse collection of DVDs. There is also a comfortable sofa arranged for ensuring comfort of the guests. Collections of random art pieces are hung on the walls for imparting a gallery-like appearance. The peaceful and quite environment is perfect for reading a book without any disturbance.

3. Queen Size Bedroom: The queen size bedroom accommodation in Victoria is ideal for couples looking for relaxation in a farm house. The bedroom consists of electric blankets and hydronic heating for the months of winter, and ceiling fans to provide relief from heat during summer. The beautiful view of green garden along with rolling lawns complemented by solar-powered alarm clocks (roosters), geese, ducks, hens, cattle, peacock and many more animals from the window of this room makes it one of the most preferred rooms at Botanica.

4. Two Single-Bed Bedroom: Like the queen size bedroom, this room has hydronic heating facilities and electric blankets. Besides that, it also contains two single beds, ceiling fans for use in the summer months, and provides a fantastic view of the rolling lawns and garden.



Apart from providing so many rooms stocked with a wide range of facilities, Botanica also offers some unique attractions for its guests. Breakfast is included with the accommodation. If you want to have your dinner arranged for celebrating a special day,you can also do that by paying an extra amount. Or you also do have an option to bring your own dinner. Another popular attraction of this accommodation service is “Stay First, Pay After”. This means that you don’t need to pay the accommodation charges in advance. Make your bookings without paying any deposit, stay and then pay the accommodation and service charges before leaving. Fully protected EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available for convenient transaction.

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