How To Get In And Around Auckland?

Auckland City
is the biggest city in New Zealand. It is also the main point of arrival to the country for all visitors. It’s a lively and vivacious multicultural city that’s set around two big harbours formed naturally. It has a temperate climate with defined seasons.

You can get into Auckland by plane, bus, train, car or ship. Once you get in by the transport of your choice you can go around Auckland using local transport options like bus, ferry, train, taxi, shuttle and car rental services.
auckland car rental
Buses are the most popularly used public transport. So, if you want you can take a ride on them. They generally run every five to fifteen minutes to the popular destinations. But they aren’t always reliable specially during the peak hours. Delays of about fifteen minutes are a common affair on a few routes. What’s even more is that although most of the bus stops have displays that show the arrival times of the next buses, which is quite good, you can hardly rely on them because sometimes these displays may show wrong information. For instance, the sign may display that a bus has come & already gone but you may notice after some time that the bus is arriving a few minutes later. Buses are however a slow way for travelling long distances.

Travelling by urban train is a better way but only if you live near a train line. Basically, there are only some lines and not all of the suburbs are served. Rail in this city has had a renaissance since turn of the century, particularly after the central city terminus moved in 20013 to Britomart. In 2014 & 2015 the new electric trains have replaced the diesel trains except only in one route. The four main lines are Eastern, Western, Southern and Onehunga. The Eastern and Southern lines have the most reliable and frequent services.

Taxis can be your means of transport as well. You can even opt for city car rental services in Auckland if you want. It would in fact be a cheaper and easier option for you than using a taxi. There are a number of car rental companies like Hertz, Apex, Jucy, Express Car Rentals. Thrifty for you to choose from. All of these car rental companies provide competitive pricing and unlimited mileage options. But make sure to avoid making mistakes when opting for rental cars in Auckland. Also remember one thing that the road network experiences a lot of congestion at the rush hour. So, in that case, if you want, you can use the ferry services that operate from CBD area to all other points on mainland & to Hauraki Gulf islands.

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