Driving In New Zealand Is Not Without Its Challenges

Driving In New Zealand Is Not Without Its Challenges
Driving in New Zealand is not that easy. You will need to take into account its diverse geography, road and weather conditions. There are many differences in the road rules, which is to be remembered as well. You will also have to consider the kind of vehicle you are selecting to hire.

One more thing to remember – if you’re arriving on a long-haul flight, don’t start your journey immediately. It would be great to get a good sleep before beginning your road trip. Only check out if you would be allowed to drive in New Zealand. For this, you will need need to:

  • have your driver license or international driving permit drive
  • make sure you arrived in the country for not more than 12 months and that your overseas licence is in English
  • make sure you haven’t received a suspension or disqualification in New Zealand

There is also a Visiting Driver Training Programme for you. The training programme will ensure that you have understood the road rules and road conditions in New Zealand allowing you to drive safely in the country.

Just hire a safe car. There are many car rental companies in New Zealand and so you will have no difficulty in choosing the car of your wish from the fleet. All you need to keep in mind is go for a New Zealand car hire company that offers quality cars on rent at a reasonable price. Before hiring, compare the rental quotes of different companies and read the reviews of the clients who have used their services to know if the company is the right choice for you.

  • Always consider the driving rules and road safety in New Zealand. They do have some differences when being compared to other nations.
  • Always carry your driver licence when driving in the country. Never leave it.
  • Drive to conditions. Road conditions mat change any time and so you must drive in order to survive. When challenges like icy winter conditions and windy roads prevail, try to identify escape ways from hazards, avoid distractions and make sure to keep some space between your vehicle & other traffic.
  • The narrow, hilly and window roads in New Zealand mean that you will always have to keep your eyes on what is coming up. You will also need to keep left every time. There are a lot of visitors who forget what side of road they are driving on leading to tragic consequences.

Click this Slideshare for more information about how to drive in New Zealand.

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