Places To See & Things To Do In Sydney

Travel accommodation and destination Australia

homepage-australia-sailing-on-sydney-harbour-opera-house-2000x837.jpgOver the past few years, I have visited Sydney several times and discovered a lot about the spots I always make sure not to miss. Whether your idea of travelling is visiting the most well-known tourist spots or preferring the best spots a little more off the beaten track, i’ve got a few tips and tricks to improve your next visit to Sydney, Australia.

I’ve created this all-in-one guide to Sydney to provide some much-needed travel inspiration to hopefully add some new ideas to that ever-growing bucket list. From the best places to discover amazing food or to marvel at the cities many architectural feats; this list has got you covered.

Best Place To Find Food

If you can only fit in one place to experience amazing food, visit; “the rocks”. Widely known as Sydney’s “one stop shop” for the widest collection of cafes and restaurants, this area is bustling…

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