What You Can Expect In Hervey Bay?

hervey Bay

Hervey Bay in Australia is a wonderful place to stay as well as travel to. It has a relaxing environment with a  great atmosphere for holidays, whether it be a romantic getaway or a family trip. The accommodation facilities in the city include many types of hotels and resorts to stay for visitors. The city is full of beautiful attractions centred around sheltered waters where one can enjoy 14 kilometres of golden beaches that are safe for children. Some of the most delightful surprises that Hervey Bay can offer are listed below.

Whale watching  :-
Hervey Bay is regarded as the whale watching capital of Australia where humpback whales generally come to rest, socialize and play each year. Most whale watching tours include buffet lunches for a fun-filled day while you sit back and enjoy watching these giants of the sea. There are various types of whale watching tours that Bay offers and you can book any one such tour to sight whales from the month of June to October. Aside from the whales, you can also spot green sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life.

Hervey Bay’s accommodation :-
Accommodation facilities in Hervey Bay city have developed to such an extent that tourists can choose from different kinds of places to stay. If you want, you can even book a lovely resort accommodation in Hervey Bay in advance. From the resort, you can opt for a premier package that includes accommodation, whale watch tour, a trip to Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island.

Other delightful offers  :-
Hervey Bay is a perfect place to indulge in various aquatic activities. The Bay is also filled with restaurants and cafes providing wonderful spots for dining, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Moreover, if you are an adventure-crazed person you can scuba dive at some of the famous sites in Hervey Bay, including the Coral gardens, Wolf Rock, Roy Rufus artificial reef and the Lighthouse Bommie.

Hervey Bay is a beautiful place to holiday at. Go for whale watching or try out the incredible food and enjoy different activities. If you find this place really enthralling, plan a vacation with your friends or family. It is just 3.5 hours drive from Brisbane. Flights from Brisbane to Hervey Bay depart daily.

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