Types Of Holiday Accommodations To Choose From In Hervey Bay


A holiday accommodation is a kind of lodging for travellers who need to stay away from their homes for a number of days or overnight. Generally, an ideal holiday accommodation provides shelter, food and space to store baggage and belongings. Apart from these, most of them also cater to other important needs such as laundry. You can book from among these following types of accommodation options when in Hervey Bay according to your preference and budget.

Guest houses :-facebook-post-types-of-holiday-accommodations-1

A guest house is a private home similar to a hostel, small hotel or B&B. Usually in this type of accommodation, the owner stays within the property but in a different area. It is inexpensive and ideal for tourists who want a home-like experience away from home.

Resorts :-facebook-post-types-of-holiday-accommodations-2

Resorts are mostly located around tourist locations such as beaches, theme parks, deserts etc. They cater mainly to people who travel for the purpose of leisure. Apart from offering various amenities, resorts can provide recreational facilities like swimming pools, barbecue areas, landscaped gardens and so on.

Cottages and villas :-facebook-post-types-of-holiday-accommodations-3
These types of accommodations are suitable for families who want a peaceful retreat away from their everyday chores. They are usually larger than hotel rooms and provide a lot of privacy to the guests. They have a dining room, kitchen and bedroom(s).

Holiday apartments :-facebook-post-types-of-holiday-accommodations-5
Holiday apartments are ideal for people who wish to take care of things on their own terms. Most holiday apartments in Hervey Bay come equipped with laundries and well-facilitated kitchens, in addition to spacious living areas. An individual can thus easily cook his or her own meals and even order continental breakfast in the morning. Besides that, holiday apartments are quite inexpensive and suitable for vacationers with a tight budget.

Bed and breakfasts :-Facebook Post – Types Of Holiday Accommodations (6).png
B&B are accommodation facilities that provide hotel-style rooms to guests. They are usually cheaper than hotels and provide an opportunity to interact with other occupants as well as the owner of the residence. Unlike hotel rooms, B&B are safe and provide a homely atmosphere.

Motels :-facebook-post-types-of-holiday-accommodations-7
Motels are also a type of lodging specifically for motorists. Guests are provided with a huge parking   space for their vehicles while they rest for the night in guest rooms. This accommodation is relatively cheaper than hotels and the rooms are generally connected to each other. Unless, the rooms are full-booked, motels tend to operate day and night to provide shelter for people driving by.

Tourists from every nook and corner of the world travel to Hervey Bay for whale watching or other purposes. If you are planning a trip to this place, these are some of the accommodation facilities you can choose from.

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