Camping Adventures Are Incomplete Without These Things

Camping Adventures Are Incomplete Without These Things
Are you planning your first ever camping adventure? Before you pack your bags and set off to some unknown destination, there are certain important factors that you must take into account. And one of them is – carrying along appropriate and useful gear. The first item that you should consider buying is one of the popular camper trailers for sale in Victoria. In addition to that, there are many other things which you need to pack in:

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit
Camping is undoubtedly fun, but in the process of having fun, you also expose yourself to potential cuts, burns, bruises, spider bites and insect stings. After all, it is not like you are going for a stroll in the neighbourhood park. Therefore, you need to be prepared for medical emergencies by carrying a first aid kit stocked with sting relief ointments, antiseptic creams & wipes, gauze pads, calamine lotion, roll bandages, tweezers, Bandaids, scissors, pain relief meds, flu tablets and cough drops.

Solar Charger
Many people who go for camping often make the mistake of assuming that their car battery would provide all the power they need for charging their mobile phones. Do not follow into their footsteps; instead, take along a solar charger. You can keep the thing under direct sunlight throughout the day and use it to fuel your cell, tablet, and other devices you might be carrying.

Tool Kit
Having a tool kit can hardly fail to be a prudent move when you are camping in some remote location. It should include a patch repair kit, a pump, a tyre pressure monitor, combination spanners, screwdrivers, allen keys, cable ties, sockets, gaffer tape, hammer, engine belt and jumper leads. You never know when your vehicle tyres might run out of pressure or need to be replaced.

Gone are the days when GPS was regarded as something too luxurious for campers. Now you can easily buy a good one from the market at a fairly reasonable price. The device would not only indicate your exact location, but also show the placement of closest landmarks and campgrounds. Besides that, it would give accurate distances of towns in close proximity too. Nowadays, GPS devices come in several options, so you can buy a handheld model or one that works on your car battery.

Thus, before setting off for the maiden camping adventure of your life, pack in these things to have a hassle-free experience.

One thought on “Camping Adventures Are Incomplete Without These Things

  1. Great to know! So far I and my husband haven’t been to any camping in our lives but since we’ve moved to Washington state we’re planning on some good deal of hicking and camping!


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