Top 5 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try Atleast Once

Gujarat, the jewel of Western India, is very notable for its diverse and amazing cuisine. Albeit the food here is predominantly vegan and does exclude any sort of eggs or meat, it’s very delectable and has a far reaching appeal, irrespective of a person’s food preferences. Additionally, a ton of Gujarati recipes are quite nutritious and healthy. The utilization of jaggery or sugar in a plethora of the arrangements is what makes this specific cuisine different from those of the rest of India.

In the mood for some Gujarati delicacies? Here are the top dishes you can order through restaurants offering islandwide food delivery:

Khaman dhokla

Dhokla is the banner bearing dish of Gujarati cooking. It’s flavorful and great for health-conscious people who need to watch their weight constantly. It tastes great with tea and is made from split chickpeas and fermented rice. It’s usually served with coriander & mint chutney or tamarind chutney.


This is an astounding winter dish that hailed from the city of Surat & is a famous Gujarati food. It is essentially made with multiple vegetables that are cooked using a great deal of spices. The vegetables commonly utilized are green beans, brinjals, potatoes, purple yam and unripe bananas. Another version called the Surti undhiyu exists which contains palm sugar and therefore, tastes sweet. You can easily find it at the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

Gujarati kadhi

Very contradictory to the Punjabi kadhi that is thick and zesty, the Gujarati kadhi is flimsy and sweet. Not at all like its Punjabi counterpart that is produced using spices & sour curd, particularly heeng, Gujarati kadhi is prepared using sugar or jaggery and yoghurt. It is usually served with roti or basmati rice.

Tomato sev

One of the lesser known yet similarly astounding cooking styles of India is the Kathiyawadi food that is not quite the same as the Gujarati food, but is still a part of the cuisine. A ton of Gujarati arrangements are sweet compared to the spicy & hot food consumed in Kathiyawadi. One such dish is the Tomato sev, popularly called sev tamatar nu shaak. It’s basically a curry prepared with tomatoes & lots of spices, and garnished with fresh sev.


This is one more exquisite deep-fried Gujarati snack dish that’s wonderfully scrumptious. The most well-known version of it is dakor ka gota. Semolina flour and besan are the fundamental ingredients, and different spices are added as well to give it an exquisite taste. The gotas are generally served with pickle or tamarind chutney.

Thus, if you’re craving Gujarati food or pure-veg Indian food, make sure to order these awesome preparations online.

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