Spooky Fraser Coast Locations That Would Give You The Chills


Fraser Coast boasts of a proud reputation as one of the best holiday destinations in Australia. Dotted with picturesque beaches, intriguing sites, famous attractions, exotic locations like Hervey Bay and wonderful holiday apartment accommodation, the region is a haven for tourists and travellers alike. However, not everything in Fraser Coast is happy & cheerful, and there are several places in the area that hold enough mystery to spook the weak-hearted even in broad daylight. But if you are brave enough to dare, then you might want to plan on visiting one of these infamous locations in Fraser Coast:

Mavis Bank

This beautiful house situated in Maryborough has terrible incidents of loss and tragic deaths associated with it. As the story goes, one of its residents had gotten shot in his arm, which was amputated, but the man died of shock. During a ghost tour in the house, a woman experienced excruciating pain in her arm. But as soon as she stepped outside, she recovered abruptly.

Custom House Hotel

The story of this heritage-listed accommodation on Wharf Street goes like this – once a patron was visited by a couple young girls in his room. When the girls started playing and he asked them to leave, they went right through the wall.

The Grand Hotel

Another heritage-listed hotel in Fraser Coast, the Grand Hotel has its own share of spookiness. Many publicans of the accommodation facility have reported encountering a ghost, who has earned the moniker of Luke. The spirit is said to roam around the premises and also unlock doors frequently.

Point Vernon House

The Point Vernon House is quite infamous for its paranormal activities and unexplicable incidents. This location is believed to be the domain of multiple spirits. A psychic medium named Lavinia Heremaia performed an seance there in 2009 and informed the then residents about the existence of a porthole to the spirit realm in their son’s room. According to local history, the place was initially known as Port Vernon – during the 1800s, South Sea Islanders faced appalling mistreatment at the hands of torturers here.

Maryborough Chronicle Office

The Maryborough Chronicle Office has been reported as a haunted location several times in the past. Many people working here have heard strange noises and footsteps after hours. Nancy Bates, former editor of the office, frequently complained of an invisible presence within the premises while working alone at night.


Now, to all those bravehearts out there who are already excited to visit one or more of these spots, try not to carry out a nightly adventure all by yourself.

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