Tourist Attractions In Auckland

Tourist Attractions In Auckland
If you are planning to go for a trip in New Zealand, then Auckland is a place that you should not miss out during your visit. The famous museums, monuments and art galleries are some of the most popular tourist attractions that people love to visit in Auckland. Some more famous tourist spots have been discussed in this blog. Just hire a car from a reputed car rental company in Auckland and get ready to discover all the places all by your own.

Auckland Sky Tower
Auckland Sky Tower

The sky tower is one of the prominent landmarks and is 328 meters tall in height. It is the highest building in New Zealand. If you want to capture beautiful photographs of the panoramic view of the city then you must reach the observation deck that’s here for taking out your camera. People looking for adventure can also find this place very thrilling. There is sky walk platform and sky jump as well.

War Memorial Museum in Auckland
War Memorial Museum in Auckland

The memorial museum consists of some unique collections of arts and crafts that traces New Zealand’s history and highlights its natural heritage. In the first floor you can get a collection of natural history that includes reconstruction of New Zealand’s famed & now extinct huge moa birds. Top floor is dedicated to the memorials of war and displays the story of the country’s involvement in the world conflict.

One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill

The volcanic cone of this site acts as a symbol of the city for many Aucklanders. The hill is 182 meters high. At the very top of the One Tree Hill is the lone obelisk, which is built on the grave of the person who gifted this beauty of greenery to Auckland for using it as a park. The person’s name is Sir John Logan Campbell. In order to view an awesome scenic cityscape you must visit the One Tree Hill.

Auckland Art Gallery
Auckland Art Gallery

The art gallery is filled up and displayed with more than fifteen thousand art works. The gallery includes a huge collection of European sculptures and paintings that have been made during 14th century.

East Coast Beaches
East Coast Beaches - Auckland

Takapuna Beach is one of the famous beaches among travellers. Cheltenham Beach and Milford Beach are also quite popular but less crowded and an ideal place to visit. To the south-east of this place, is Maraetai beach with its calm water and excellent swimming spot. Even your kids can enjoy a bath while swimming. Also make sure that you experience a sun bath here in this beach.

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  2. Hi Tracy. Must say I am not a traveller. I look at all these great places. Then think of all the problems with planes airports and crowds and stay put. You seem to have an exciting life. Thank you so much for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things paranormal conspiracy theories and observing life! Writing is a passion that keeps me sane and alive! Great to meet you. Be Safe and Well. The Foureyed Poet.


  3. Thanks for following my blog, lovely to return the favour, being an Aussie ex-pat here in North Cyprus. I have friends who live in Hamilton and other friends who live in Nelson and their photos of NZ are absolutely beautiful. A lovely place to live.

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