Free Camp Spots In Victoria

Free Camp Spots In Victoria�
Are you a resident of Victoria and planning to go for a camping trip on your next holiday? Well, you would be delighted to know that there are plenty of spots in the state where you can actually camp for free. Nobody would charge you a single cent in these places for spending some quality time alone or with loved ones in the arms of nature. All you need is your gear, food, water and one of those popular rear or front folding camper trailers.

Here are the awesome spots that you can go for camping to without spending much:

Andersons Garden

Andersons Garden
This is a place that can be drove to easily from the area of Melbourne. Well, you will fall in love with Andersons Garden in the Mount Disappointment State Forest. Although this place was devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009, it has been recovered significantly ever since by wet winters and some regeneration initiatives. Campfires are allowed here with a few restrictions and you can take your pet along with you too. The place is an excellent base for activities like mountain-biking, horseriding and bushwalking.

Sheepyards Flat

Sheepyards Flat
There are a great number of free camping sites all throughout the High Country of Victoria, especially in the Howqua Hills Historic Area between the Alpine, Lake Eildon and Baw Baw national parks. And Sheepyards Flat is probably the best among them because it has got a plethora of convenience facilities such as picnic tables, toilets, etc. The place is dog-friendly and of course, won’t cost you a thing.

Ada River

Ada River
The free camp spot at Ada River is fringed on the outskirts of Errinundra National Park. It is the best option for people who are travelling with pets or in camper trailers or motorhomes. It is also perfect to use as a base for exploring the national park’s cool temperate rainforests. If you wish to relax with family or friends in a forest setting, Ada River is the place for you.

Blue Pool

Blue Pool
The camping site of Blue Pool in the Briagolong State Forest is perfect to visit during the summer season. This is because the place lies close to the rejuvenating swimming spot of Blue Pool. Besides that, it is the sole campsite within the State Forest that has got toilets. The place allows campfires and dogs, but you may need to check the area restrictions from the rangers.

Now you know where to go for camping if you haven’t got enough cash to book a fancy spot.

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